Importance of Ratings, Reviews and Downloads(ASO)

Here is a quick fact there are over 1.3 million apps on the i-store right now. Yes that’s right 1.3 MILLION. Now how is your application supposed to differentiate itself from all the chaos. Well the  ranking factor that Google and apple uses relies on 3 major factors. These factors are the amount of downloads […]


Full List Of Free Mobile Analytics Tools

In my previous article I reviewed the top 5 best mobile analytics tools, I couldn’t possibly have reviewed them all, So in this post I will cover more networks but in less details. A mobile analytics tool is used for several reason like tracking installs, app store rankings, revenues, bounce rate, user retention, competitor rankings, crashes […]

Top 5 Best Mobile Analytics Platforms

Mobile Analytics are becoming something the 21st century app can not be without, the success of your app should not only be measured by the amount of app downloads you have but there are other metrics to consider like session duration, revenue , amount of new users, social shares etc. Knowing all this means you can […]


clash of clans

How To Monetize Free Apps in 2015/2016

There is a general belief that paid apps make more money when in actual fact the apps that have made the most revenue in 2015 are free. A scary fact is that 25% of total revenue on android and iPhone is shared by only ten applications/games. All which are free to download. So the billion […]

Avocarrot Ad Network Review and eCPM 1

Avocarrot is a mobile ad network that promises high cpms and great customer support. I heard about them a few years back but they haven’t really captured my attention until this month. So like any of my reviews I like to start off with a background check. Avocarrot was created in 2012,  their head quarters being […]

Buying Android/IOS Downloads FAQ

I have been receiving emails asking me several question about buying IOS and Android, So I will try clear up the common misconceptions people have about buying downloads so this article will be like a FAQ in some way.   1.  How Do We Get The Downloads? This is a common question that almost everyone who […]

How I Got My App Ranked #35 arcade on USA Google Play 1

Developers will usually spend thousands of dollars on marketing in an attempt to increase their user base. When in reality only a fraction amount of money is needed to increase their overall downloads. I was able to market my app with a very low budget but still managed to get 250 000 downloads in 4 months. How I […]

Highest Paying Affiliate/Referral Networks[Mobile Ad Networks Edition]

So you want to make a few extra bucks on the side but don’t know where to start? A great place to make money way to make extra cash are affiliate programs but I will be focusing on mobile ad networks that offer high paying affiliate programs. An affiliate program also called associate programs works by […]

2015 Mobile Ad Network Ranking 3

A question I get asked quite a lot is what mobile ad network is the best. Personally this is a question I hate answering because there is no definite answer, each network does something better then the other there is no network that does everything better than all other networks. But today I will give […]

Mobile Ad Networks that Pay Out Weekly 2

Waiting 15 or even 31 days to receive your hard earned cash from ad networks is torture. You should be able to get YOUR money out in days not weeks. There are very few ad networks that actually offer weekly payments and those that do are usually still in their infant stage and are trying […]